The Hush Money Trial Has Already Broken Donald Trump

Trump looked worn out, worn down, and broken as he left court ranting about various things in America that aren’t happening.

Trump said:

Eight days that we’ve all been sitting in this courthouse. This is all a Biden indictment. It’s in order to try and win an election against a political opponent. And nothing like this has ever happened. Eight days. As you know, the economy is falling apart now. Now you’re seeing it through a little growth. It’s gonna get worse.

Oil prices are going up. You have the college campuses all over closed down. Our country is going to hell. And we sit here day after day after day, which is their plan. Because they think they might be able to eke out an election, but I doubt it because the poll numbers are very good for us.


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Trump is a complete disaster, as this trial has already wrecked him. Trump doesn’t know what to do if he can’t attack the court, witnesses, or jury, so he is making things up to scream about and hoping other people get angry too and scream along with him.

At least five or six more weeks are left in this trial, and Trump is already unraveling. He can’t stay awake in court, and not being in control of the situation is driving him insane. The lack of control is also fueling his desire to take the stand and testify, which would be a gift to prosecutors.

Seeing Donald Trump as a powerless defendant in court has reduced him. Trump is diminished and in decline. As Sarah Jones wrote in our newsletter The Daily, the reckoning is coming for the ex-president.

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