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Brutal New Poll Suggests Trump Is Finished If He’s Convicted

A new poll from Quinnipiac University reveals that the vast majority of Americans following Trump’s trial, believe he did something illegal or wrong, and if he is convicted, it will wreck his chances.

Quinnipiac University wrote about their poll:

Nearly 7 out of 10 voters (69 percent) say they are following news regarding the trial either very closely (34 percent) or somewhat closely (35 percent), while 30 percent say they are following it not too closely.

Six in 10 voters (60 percent) think the charges of falsifying business records, including a hush money payment to an adult film actress, are either very serious (40 percent) or somewhat serious (20 percent), while 35 percent think the charges are either not too serious (13 percent) or not serious at all (22 percent).

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Forty-six percent of voters believe former President Trump did something illegal, while 27 percent believe he did something unethical but nothing illegal, and 18 percent believe he did not do anything wrong.

Voters were asked how it would impact their vote if Donald Trump were convicted in the New York City criminal trial. If Trump were convicted, 21 percent say they would be less likely to vote for him, 62 percent say it would not make a difference to their vote, and 15 percent say they would be more likely to vote for him.

Five percent of Trump voters say if he were convicted they would be less likely to vote for him, 62 percent say it would not make a difference to their vote, and 31 percent say they would be more likely to vote for him.

These numbers are brutal for Trump. Voters are paying attention to the criminal trial. Voters also aren’t buying what Trump is selling about how the trial is a conspiracy orchestrated by Joe Biden. Just eighteen percent of voters believe Trump that he did nothing wrong.

The message from this poll is that Trump’s strategy of claiming total innocence is not working.

Voters aren’t buying his denials, and if Trump gets convicted and automatically ruled out by 21 percent of voters, it could prove to be fatal to his chances of winning in November.

The number that should worry Trump and his supporters the most is that 5% of his own supporters would abandon the ex-president if he is convicted.

Republicans and some in the media like to pretend that the trial doesn’t matter or has no bearing on the campaign, but the opposite is true. The Manhattan trial could be the one external event that has the ability to reshape the trajectory of the rest of the presidential campaign.

Everything is riding on the outcome of this trial for Trump and the Republican Party, and a conviction could end Donald Trump’s run in federal politics.

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