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Trump’s Super PAC Is Going Broke And Might Not Be Able To Pay His Legal Bills

The Save America PAC has spent nearly $6o million on Trump’s legal bills, but the PAC is virtually broke, so Trump’s free ride might be over.

Politico reported:

Save America, Trump’s leadership PAC, has now spent $59.5 million on legal consulting since the start of 2023. It also incurred $886,000 in new legal debt in March, according to a report filed with the Federal Election Commission late Saturday. More than $1.1 million of its March spending went toward two firms representing Trump in his New York criminal hush money trial.

The total spent on legal expenses for Save America was almost as much as Trump’s campaign committee in the month of March, highlighting how legal troubles have sucked up the cash of his political operation. Trump’s official campaign committee spent just over $3.7 million in March, with travel expenses, followed by payroll, occupying its biggest expenditure categories.

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Trump spent almost $4 million on his entire campaign in March.

President Biden spent $29 million, including a national advertising campaign and a national tour.

One of the reasons why Biden has taken over the lead from Trump in the general election is that Biden is campaigning, and spending the money that is being raised on the campaign.

Donald Trump’s fundraising will pay lawyers in the four criminal cases he is facing. Trump will be a criminal defendant in Manhattan for the next six weeks, spending millions of dollars a month on lawyers. The Republican National Committee is already broke, and the super PAC has been bled dry to cover Trump’s legal bills.

It is already well known that Donald Trump lacks the cash to pay his own way.

Even if the Trump Media stock doesn’t hit rock bottom, he still can’t access those funds for months, and there is the possibility that Trump’s $175 million fraud judgment bond could be thrown out.

Things are bad for Trump and they appear to be getting worse.

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