Trump’s Effort To Get Fani Willis Disqualified Falls Apart

The effort by Trump and his allies to get Fani Willis tossed off of the RICO case has fallen apart at the latest hearing.

The moment that pretty much ended it came when Mike Roman’s attorney, Ashleigh Merchant, tried to get Nathan Wade’s former law partner and divorce attorney to testify about the timing of the Willis/Wade relationship. The timing is critical because the allegation is that Willis and Wade were in an improper relationship that Willis financially benefited from.

However, star witness and former Wade law partner Terrence Bradley testified that he had no knowledge of what the relationship started and he was only speculating, “”I was speculating, I didn’t have a — no one told me. I was speculating,”


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The Trump defendants have not been able to offer any proof via witness testimony or otherwise that Willis was engaged in an improper relationship that she benefitted from.

The star witness blew up in their faces.

If this all has a familiar ring to it, it should. The same thing has happened to the Republicans in the House who are attempting to impeach President Biden.

Trump’s Republicans keep trying to smoke and mirror their way through these situations, but each time, it backfires and ends up doing more damage to those bringing the accusations than the accused.

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