Trump Walked Into A Total Biden Debate Trap

Trump and his advisers are reportedly irked that President Biden has jumped in and taken the debate narrative away because the Biden campaign set them up.

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Kristen Holmes reported on CNN:

Just to give an overall view here, talking to Trump’s senior advisers and those in his orbit, they’re a little bit irked right now by the fact that Joe Biden somehow took over the debate narrative, despite the fact that Donald Trump has been really using this as a narrative at all of his campaign rallies. He’s been up on stage with an empty podium next to him saying, come debate me, and he’s often said, I will debate anywhere, anytime. This has been kind of a rallying cry for Donald Trump and for some of his top advisers. Now, what we saw today was Joe Biden taking control of the narrative, and now Donald Trump is trying to take it back.


Trump Got Schooled By Biden

Since Trump has little campaign operation and barely campaigns one day a week, this is the first time his campaign has gone up against Biden’s campaign. The results were not good. The Biden campaign set Trump up. Since Donald Trump thinks he is an expert dealmaker and negotiator, he assumed that he could agree to all of Biden’s terms and then negotiate more debates.

Why does Trump want more debates if he is winning?

Even though Trump uses the polling as propaganda, he and his campaign appear not to believe that he is winning.

Trump is a lousy debater. He has never been good at debates, so the idea that he wants many debates was always more narrative-spinning than reality.

Donald Trump has a history of refusing to debate. It appears that he bought his own BS about Biden, and as soon as Biden stepped up and set the terms, Trump was trapped and fell into a trap.

Biden set the ex-president up, and Trump never saw it coming.

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