Trump Endorses Biden In Massive CPAC Gaffe

At one point, Trump was trying to criticize Biden at CPAC when he said he would rather see Biden as president.


Trump said, ” Israel would have never happened. The attack on Israel would have never happened. Remember, Iran was broke. They were broke. Ukraine would have never happened. I talked to Putin—a lot. I got along with them well, although he did announce the other day that he’d much rather see Biden as president, and I agree with him. I agree.”

This is not the same Donald Trump from campaigns past. Donald Trump is now a gaffe machine who has to be chained to his teleprompter to be able to give a speech. Trump appears to be amid some decline, as he is having trouble giving a basic campaign speech without committing the sort of mistake that should raise questions about his fitness to return to the White House.

Donald Trump was trying to criticize Biden, but he ended up endorsing him.

Trump’s CPAC speech was low energy and was not the rowdy applause-filled event that has been the case during previous appearances at the conference.

Donald Trump went to CPAC and endorsed his Democratic opponent.

That is really anyone needs to know about Trump’s cognitive abilities in 2024.

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