Tomorrow is Indie Bookstore Day! So you should go to a bookstore.

Drew Broussard

April 26, 2024, 10:15am

🎵 It’s the moooost wonderfullll tiiiiime of the yeaaaar!🎵

That’s right, folks: tomorrow is perhaps the greatest book-related holiday on the calendar: Independent Bookstore Day!

As I’ve been saying at the top of bookstore events at my local indie (where I moonlight as the events manager), every day can/should be Independent Bookstore Day if you’re a true lover of reading and supporter of community spaces—but it’s nice to set aside a day for proper celebration and acknowledgement of all the great things that indies can do.

In these trying times, where stores are facing not only the ongoing existential threat of the Monopoly River but increasing attempts at repression and intimidation from reactionary right-wing bigots (see: the recent spate of bomb threats shutting down Drag Story Hour events), it has never been a better moment to go not only pick up a few new reads (and/or tote bags, pencils, puzzles, tarot cards, greeting cards, or any other cute side-line merch) but also to tell your local booksellers that you appreciate them. Ask them for a recommendation, chat about something you loved reading recently, show them your collection of indie bookstore bookmarks! It’ll make their day and yours—I, as a part-time bookseller, can guarantee it.

You can find your nearest participating indie bookstore with this handy searchable map, or check out our list of some of our favorite bookstores around the world. Participating stores have all sorts of programming going on—events, scavenger hunts, the opportunity to win a year’s worth of audiobooks from Libro.FM—as well as limited-edition swag like an exclusive novella from Chelsea G. Summers!

So go on, treat yourself!!

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