TikTok’s ‘Clout Guy’ Jean-Luc Weighs in on the Tabi Swiper and Life on the Soho Scene

I’m just appreciative to be in these cool spaces with these singers, TikTokers, and designers. It’s dope to see everybody rising up in the scene.

It’s funny that your father is actually from the Congo, because I remember in your video you say, “Oh yeah, My dad’s from the Congo” and the woman behind the camera is like, “I love Wakanda Forever.”

I have to shout out my friend Vanessa for that one because that happened to us. We were on set for a music video and this guy who owned our location was this weird dude who, when she said she’s African, said, “I just saw the Black Panther movie.” So many of the skits come from the real world.

It’s stupid shit like that you hear. It’s like, “Bro, I just broke up with my girlfriend at Lucien yesterday.” They’ll say that shit with a straight face, and then be like, “I just left Tokyo and I’m on my way to Paris. But let’s catch up in L.A. Are you gonna be there or you should come with us to Ibiza?” I’m like, bro, what are you saying?

You had Lexus, the girl who got her Tabi’s swiped, in your video. What were your thoughts on how that went down?

The Tabi-swiper shit is hilarious because I posted on TikTok and then over the weekend my friend is like, “Yo, my sister saw you on Twitter.” Someone reposted my video and it was going viral on Twitter and all the comments were calling me the Tabi Swiper. I was like, what is going on?

Someone sent me Lexus’s TikTok and I was crying because the first video that she posted is literally verbatim a clout guy skit that I did way back in 2022—just like the way that she posted the screenshot and said “Pay attention, ladies!” I did that sketch last year at my friend Emma’s shop.

I saw that video!

Everyone in the comments of my videos was like, we need you to make your own version of the Tabi video. I just was like, OK! I’m in LA now for a wedding but I had one day to do it [before I left New York]. I hit up Lexus on Instagram with a hope and a prayer and was like, I hope she answers. I know she’s getting DM’d by the whole universe right now. But she was so sweet.

So I wrote a script and hit up my friend Elena who’s an actor. We couldn’t find Tabis, so I called Secondary and they let us shoot it in the store.

How can readers spot a Clout Guy?

Well, there’s definitely an outfit—patchwork tattoos, dangly earrings, chokers, a white tank top and baggy pants. If they have a mustache or long hair with bangs—because everyone has the mod look now—then you’re already in scary territory. If they’re name-dropping, you gotta go! Also, if they have a colored buzz cut, you gotta run! If they’re followed by Ray’s Bar NYC [on Instagram] and if they look like an East Village villain, you gotta rethink, guys!

Most of us are not stealing women’s clothes. Most of us are just passionate creative guys.

Do you have a message for the Clout Guys?

Let’s be good to our women, guys. Let’s be good to ourselves, be good to our friends, be good to our ladies—but, you know, let’s clout it up. We’re all chasing these dreams and we’re all trying to be somebody. I don’t think that’s wrong. But at the same time let’s just be good people. If you see somebody at a party during Fashion Week that you haven’t seen in a while, just be like, “Hey man, I forgot your name, but it’s great to see you again.” Let’s just not be weird.

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