The Republican Platform Sounds Insane Because It Was Written By Donald Trump

The RNC released a party platform that read like a pile of vague gibberish because it was written and edited by Donald Trump.

Politico reported:
Trump didn’t just edit the platform language, but wrote some parts of the 15-page draft himself, according to a person with knowledge of his involvement. The new proposed platform is significantly shorter than the party’s current one.

Representatives from Trump’s campaign walked around the room with a “vote yes” sign as voice votes were being held, and a motion by a top anti-abortion leader to hold roll call votes failed, according to a person attending the meeting. Debate was limited to one minute per speaker. One RNC member who was present inquired about why staff of the Trump campaign and RNC were taking photographs of delegates as they voted.

Trump edited and wrote parts of the platform, and then just to make sure that people voted “the right way” Trump’s staffers went around the room taking pictures of people as they were voting.

None of this is normal or democratic.

Trump’s handling of the platform is something that dictators do. Members of the RNC didn’t get to construct and write their own platform. It was written for them, and then they were pressured into voting for it by making sure that there was no secret ballot.

As Democrats freak themselves out about Joe Biden’s age, this is what is waiting for the country if the party does not get over its panic and get to work on winning the election.

The Republican platform reads like it was written by a crazy person who has no idea what he is talking about, because it was.

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