The Limited Edition GQ Hosting Box Is the Gift For Party People

There are two secrets to being a great host. One: mix up the guest list so old friends can make new friends. Two: embrace the sure-shot shortcuts that keep you from stressing over the pre-game work, like cooking, prepping, and vibe-setting. GQ’s limited edition Hosting Box can’t help you with the seating chart, but it will absolutely solve for the other half.

What’s inside the box is a buffet of goodies for making merry, all selected by the GQ brain trust. You’ll find chef-grade packaged foods, candles and colognes to set the mood, and upgrades for your home cocktail game. It’s like hiring a party planner, minus the exorbitant cost. (It’s also an easy shortcut to “best gift I got all year” for anyone on your list.)

Everything inside the limited-edition GQ Hosting Box—you can see it all below—is valued at $228. But the price? Oh, the price is much less.

If you’re not a GQ Box subscriber, this limited-edition Box costs $129 (shipping included). You can get yours here.

But if you’re already a GQ Box subscriber? You’ll only pay $79 (shipping included). You can click here to grab yours.

(And if you’re interested in getting the GQ Box for yourself or as a gift, you can read more about it here, or jump right to subscribing at this link. In short, it’s the easiest, most affordable way to get GQ-editor-selected style, grooming, and gear upgrades sent to your doorstep.)

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