‘The Bear’ Season Three Cast Some Very Familiar GQ Faces

The doors to season three of The Bear are about to open June 2024, and we just got our first look at a post-freezer world for everyone’s favorite bicep-bearing chef Carmy—played by the equally ripped and farmer’s market-loving Jeremy Allen White—after being trapped in the walk-in on opening day at his eponymous restaurant.

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The 50-second clip, revealed today during a Disney shareholder meeting, finds the Fak brothers—Neil and Theodore, played by executive producer Matty Matheson and Ricky Staffieri respectively— calling Carmy into a meeting that chef really doesn’t want to be a part of.

Apparently, the Faks are all in on getting The Bear into Chicago culinary fame. The pair have compiled a lineup of “every major food critic,” complete with headshots and notes (which includes details like “She’s hot. We like her,” and “Likes to blast his phone flashlight on the menu”). In scanning that lineup of faces (which also includes a conspicuous Adam Brody) we spotted two familiar folks in the GQ universe—our very own columnist and Pulling Weeds newsletter writer, Chris Black, and The New Yorker staff writer Naomi Fry.

As far as Black’s role in this season goes, we’re only given a few hints: He’s from Atlanta, “he doesn’t know shit about Chicago,” and he might be a tough guy. Oh, and his name is Philip Smart. We’re given a millisecond shot on Fry’s face, no notes to be seen. And aside from the obvious implications of this scene—an anxious Carmy contemplating a potential murderer’s row of people who could bring down his restaurant with a single negative review—we’re still out of the loop on everything else, like Carmy’s relationship with (ex?) girlfriend Claire (Molly Gordon) and cousin Richie (Ebon Moss-Bachrach). Chef de cuisine Syd (Ayo Edeberi) and pastry chef Marcus (Lionel Boyce) are also absent from the teaser, though we’re sure there’s drama to be seen given the former’s cracking under the pressure and the latter’s relationship to his ailing mother.

The show’s already been renewed for season four, which has been filming back to back with the upcoming season; if this quick teaser is to tell us anything it’s that we’re in for another dramatic, hilarious, and deliciously good season of The Bear.

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