Speaker Johnson and Other Republicans to Gather at Trump’s Criminal Trial

Apparently there is nothing serious compelling Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to show up for his actual job, so instead he will give ex-president Donald Trump the fawning cheer section he requires in court on Tuesday.

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“NEW: @SpeakerJohnson will join former President Trump in court today during Trump’s hush money trial- according to a source familiar. Confirming @PunchbowlNews/ @JakeSherman who had it first,” Capitol Hill Correspondent Ryan Nobles of NBC News reported.

Johnson isn’t alone in stopping by to pay respect to the Republican Party “boss.”

“Also joining Trump today is Vivek Ramaswamy, Byron Donalds, Cory Mills, and Doug Burgum.They might as well just convene the GOP convention here,” MSNBC host Katie Phang wrote.

Top Republican lawmakers showing up at the election interference trial of their boss while they are being paid by taxpayers is not a great look. The party of personal responsibility has fallen so far that they are now publicly supporting the Republican ex-president who tried to overturn an election with a deadly insurrection and is now on trial for hush money payment to an adult film star with whom he had an alleged affair (his own lawyer gave away the game that Trump did have this affair with Stormy Daniels, but Trump won’t stipulate that he did and he continues to deny it).

Yesterday, Trump’s lawmaker entourage included Sens. J.D. Vance and Tommy Tuberville, who they left during a court break.

This is who supports Donald Trump: People who depend on him for their political survival, people who can’t afford to make him angry, and people who have more to hide than they have integrity or courage.

The Republican Party is basically holding a makeshift convention at the criminal trial of their boss, who has been indicted in four separate criminal cases and is an adjudicated rapist and con man.

The circus comes to Trump, the circus is Trump. They are one and the same.

This is not normal behavior for a political party; but it is normal behavior for a mob family or a cult.

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