Solana Meme Coin Devs Fight on Livestream to Pump Price—Until One Loses a Tooth

The world’s top boxers can make millions of dollars per fight. In a decidedly lower-stakes matchup, two Solana meme coin creators smacked each other around on a livestream early Monday, with dreams of their coin perhaps rising to hit a million-dollar market cap amid the viral buzz. Unfortunately, they were brought back to reality when a tooth went flying.

Posted in the early hours of the morning, FriendlyFadesLive popped up on—the streamlined platform used to launch LiveMom, Shark Cat, and other meme-driven Solana tokens.

It’s the latest instance of a growing trend of meme coins being driven by livestreamed stunts, such as the dev who tied his hands, oiled himself up, and slept on stream.

To promote this particular token, FADELIVE, two young men faced off in balaclavas, wearing Everlast boxing gloves and sparring in a tiled dining room rather than a legit boxing ring.

While Tyson Fury will be fighting Alexander Usyk to become undisputed heavyweight champion this weekend, this clash was billed by the devs as “two of the deadliest fighters battling it out to see who takes over Solana.”

After only a couple minutes of livestreaming on Kick, the token was crowned king of the hill on—a featured spot on the site reserved for tokens that hit a $30,000 market cap, which often brings in new buyers as well thanks to the increased exposure.

As a reward, viewers watched the two titans brawl in a one-handed fight. Despite being named “Friendly Fades,” it quickly became clear that they weren’t pulling any punches.

For 20 seconds, the two amateur brawlers threw right hand after right hand. In this first fight, it appeared that the fighter in the red shorts got the better of his Nike gray tracksuit-wearing opponent—landing a clean straight shot that signaled the end of the round.

“This shit about to hit Raydium?” said the dev who was now up on the scorecard, looking at his laptop. When a token reaches a market cap of $69,000, it can be listed on Raydium, a Solana decentralized exchange (DEX)—so the devs’ eyes were set on a new prize.

“Pump it up, pump it up boys,” the gray tracksuit boxer cried.

The chat filled with viewers demanding that they continue fighting. “You have 60 seconds ‘til I fucking withdraw my SOL,” one Kick viewer commented.

“Stop talking, more fighting,” another said. “Last time you fought, it almost hit Raydium.” 

That was all the devs needed to hear. The men strapped their gloves up and began another 20-second round, this time with both hands in play. It was like watching Max Holloway in the last seconds of a fight, as both brawlers stood nose-to-nose and swung for the fences. Unfortunately, the round was cut short when red shorts’ unplugged his Xbox with poor footwork, after being backed into a corner.

Going into the third round, it looked like a draw on the judges’ scorecards. Someone had to pull themselves away from the pack. 

Red shorts dominated early on, landing a stiff jab followed by a strong right hook, and then a slapping left hook—an effective combination. Gray tracksuit was wobbled, defending for his life as red shorts left striking range. Still flustered, gray tracksuit threw some strikes, yet hit nothing but air. In the next flurry, red shorts landed a nasty three-piece combo that had his opponent backing off. He landed one last straight as gray tracksuit’s body language deflated.

“You good? What happened?” the shorts-wearing man asked.

“My tooth came out,” gray tracksuit replied, sounding slightly scared. 

The toothless fighter appears to walk out of the room, likely in search of a mirror. It sounds like it was one of his back teeth that fell victim to his friend’s vicious striking.

“We need to go to the hospital,” he muttered, clearly affected by his sudden missing tooth.

Amid laughs in chat, the boxers’ morale appeared to change. Possible brain damage aside, the pair managed to amass only four viewers on Kick, and they didn’t even get their token to Raydium. It’s a reward that’s far from the $150 million Tyson Fury is estimated to earn this weekend. 

It’s unknown whether the pair plan to fight again in the future. The Twitter and Kick livestream accounts associated with the token are still up, so perhaps there will be a rematch ahead. But for now, it appears that red shorts is the world boxing champion of Solana.

Edited by Andrew Hayward

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