Sex Lives: A Guy Who Keeps Hooking Up With His Trainers

As soon as we broke up, I felt like I tapped back into how I was in London. I went on a string of hooking up with SoulCycle instructors. I would go to their class and be hot as fuck and I would flirt with them, connect on Instagram, keep going to their class and just work on it until we hooked up. One guy I was consistently with, his classes were in Newport Beach, and he was not hot but I would drive every weekend and take his class and then we’d go out to brunch and then we’d spend the weekend together. Go to the beach, the pool, have a lot of sex, drive back home Sunday night. I think that lasted a couple months. And then I met somebody else and we mutually agreed to part easy. And in the meantime there was another SoulCycle instructor at a different location. And we’d fuck in the locker rooms. We’d do the class, be done with the class and then we’d go to the locker rooms and I would linger around for a bit and he’d come in and then we’d go in the showers and hook up there.

There’s this one guy who owns a gym out east, and he’s very gorgeous, very great body and we connected in my rebound phase. And we had great sex together. There was so much attraction, but he lived too far away and I wasn’t going to commit to anything. And then he started Go Go dancing and I kept bumping into him at the bars, so it became a thing where I’d see him dancing and then on his break he’d come find me and tap me on the shoulder and we’d go hook up in the back break room. It was so hot because it was never planned. It was entirely spontaneous.

I was friends with benefits with someone for a while. The sex was like really really fucking great. I don’t know how to describe it without sounding crass, but it was very animalistic. We would go for hours sometimes. We would go for multiple rounds. Sometimes it was a quick 20 minute thing, too. And we talked about and explored each other’s kinks. And then I started to realize there was a red flag because he’d tell me, “I’m doing these things that I can’t do with anyone else.” In the back of my mind, I was like that’s not good. But in the forefront of my mind I was like, “Oh I love that.” But it was some of the hottest sex I’ve had. I could probably write a little blog post about which restaurants and bars in Hollywood are good for bathroom hookups.

Honestly, sex in public was never something I was into when I was younger. I wouldn’t say i was a prude, but just because of growing up in a conservative culture, it’s not something that I thought I’d ever be doing. I think the older I’ve gotten and the more comfortable I’ve gotten with myself and my sexuality, the more liberated I feel to just do this kind of stuff and have fun and not worry about other people’s perceptions of me.

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