Orbital Tap by Orbital Systems

Dezeen Showroom: Swedish company Orbital Systems has launched a tap system that recycles water from the sink for flushing the toilet.

The Orbital Tap saves up to 100 per cent of washbasin water and redirects it to the toilet, meaning that clean drinking water is no longer used for flushing.

Orbital Tap by Orbital SystemsOrbital Tap by Orbital Systems
The Orbital Tap recycles water from the sink for the toilet

By saving water, Orbital Systems says that this approach produces a return on investment for users on average within five years.

The smart system is easy to install and mostly wall-mounted, with just a faucet and control dial with touchpad mounted on the sink.

Orbital Tap by Orbital SystemsOrbital Tap by Orbital Systems
It comes in a range of finishes

Users can adjust the flow either by turning the dial or using the touchpad, and the touchpad also allows for the selection of water temperature and various other settings.

The Orbital Tap comes in a range of finishes, including black, white, brass, brushed stainless steel and chrome.

Product details:

Product: Orbital Tap
Brand: Orbital Systems
Contact: [email protected]

Colours/finishes: powder-coated brass in black, powder-coated brass in white, brass, brushed stainless steel, chrome
Dimensions: 440 x 270 x 65 millimetres

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