Mar-a-Lago Storage Room Storing Highly Classified Docs Could be Opened with a Coat Hanger

Newly released exhibits reveal that the lock on the storage room in Mar-a-Lago where Trump kept highly classified documents was just a residential door lock that could be opened with a coat hanger.

“The door to the storage room in Mar-a-Lago where Trump stored highly classified docs had a pinhole doorknob that could be unlocked… via coathanger, a witness told investigators per newly released exhibits,” ABC News’ senior reporter covering investigations Katherine Faulders reported on Saturday from newly released documents.

The crucial part of this testimony is here:

witness tells investigator Mar-a-Lago storage room door where Donald Trump stored highly classified docs could be unlocked via a coat hanger

witness tells investigator Mar-a-Lago storage room door where Donald Trump stored highly classified docs could be unlocked via a coat hanger

The witness says the lock was like a residential door lock that could only be locked from the inside, but that they would just “lock it when you left.”

The witness then goes on to explain that you’d need a tool stronger than a paper clip to “pop it open,” which they agreed was like when the investigator’s children locked themselves in the bathroom.

It seems as if in the summer of 2021 this basic residential bathroom type doorknob might have been replaced with an actual lock.

Donald Trump stands accused in the classified documents case of 37 criminal charges of mishandling sensitive material, hiding records and impeding investigators.

The allegedly stolen classified documents were stored in a bathroom (in the shower and next to the toilet), in a ballroom, and more.

In early May of 2021 the National Archives asks that the ex-president return any records he might have taken upon leaving the White House.

Also in May, Trump reportedly directed employees store some of his boxes of stolen classified documents in a in a highly accessible storage room in Mar-a-Lago, as well as sending some boxes to his Bedminster, New Jersey club.

This is the level of “security” Donald Trump offers the United States, her allies, our troops, our intelligence assets, and the utter lack of care he shows for the documents he allegedly stole and refused to return.

It’s also disconcerting hearing the witness describe how they’d get in and leave this storage room, as it sounds pretty routine.

Donald Trump currently faces 88 criminal charges from four separate criminal cases, including his current New York trial for election interference via falsifying business records, his attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, Georgia election interference, and mishandling classified records.

For some unknown reason, the Supreme Court is contemplating whether Trump has immunity for putting the U.S. in harm’s way and his own party is presenting a united front supporting this man to have access to our top secrets again.

To say that the entire Republican Party is corrupted and untrustworthy with national secrets might be an overstatement, but it also might not be, because they do not seem one bit concerned about this huge threat to our national security. And that’s a really big deal.

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