Kendall Jenner Just Stepped Out in the Jacket You'll Be Wearing All Fall

Kendall Jenner is ready for fall. For some, it’s the trickiest menswear season. It’s summer weather, despite the fact it’s autumn, with April showers, and mild pre-winter depression because the summer is over (or is it?). That makes dressing impossible. But for the Kardashian supermodel, all it takes is one easy throw-on chore jacket and some IDGAF energy.

This weekend, the model and tequila mogul was photographed leaving Silvano Marchetto’s Bar Pitti (a Very Famous Person hangout that does proper Italian food). And in the recent tradition of distinguished women pivoting to New York menswearheads, the 27-year-old wore a look that works for pretty much everyone with a vested interest in the business of wearing nice clothes.

She wore a pair of charcoal jeans, slipped on some heeled loafers and a tiny tank top. Sure it wasn’t Earth shaking. But it was ideal for the unpredictably warm weather that September throws at us. And the jacket is special. The fit is big enough to layer with other pieces, but not so inflated that it veers on the left-field. It’s nice and normal and cool. Plus, it’s functional, and the chore jacket has earned a slew of famous endorsements included Austin Butler.

Jenner’s own jacket from the Row is lightweight, made from a stiff canvas-denim material. Brown in color, it was the uncomplicated, neutral and versatile throw-on that every guy should have to tackle the weather. Easy enough to throw on. Plus, light enough to carry round when it does become alarmingly humid considering we’re at the back end of September.

Workwear is the gift that keeps on giving. Despite Carhartt changing very little in its output, the brand has seen a surge in the last year. Elsewhere, proper workwear labels and the outfits that imitate them have enjoyed similar success: Dickies, Danton and Cat are still massive in terms of menswear.

Seasons come and go. Temperatures go up and down. But a chore jacket like Kendall Jenner’s is eternal. If her jacket isn’t in your price range, no worries. We’ve rounded up a few more affordable options to help add this must-have layer into your fall wardrobe.


Corduroy-Trim Denim Trucker Jacket

This story was originally published on British GQ with the headline, “Every single guy on the planet should have Kendall Jenner’s jacket”.

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