Kamala Harris Dropped An F-Bomb And Rallied Democrats Behind Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris rallied Democratic governors around President Biden by reminding them that this election is about our “f-ing democracy.”

The Washington Post reported:
Vice President Harris, once an afterthought and a punchline in the party, was enjoying a swell of support, as most party leaders concluded she was the only viable alternative — the only candidate who could claim incumbency and spend the money Biden raised.

In the governor’s meeting she found her voice, demanding everyone get behind Biden. “This is about our f—ing democracy,” she declared, a prosecutor once again.

There are some Democrats who engaging in fantasy thinking and they can’t believe that Biden isn’t wiping out Donald Trump, but records of accomplishment don’t matter to most voters. Being convicted of felony, or several dozen doesn’t matter to Republican voters.

America is so deeply politically polarized that Joe Biden’s debate performance doesn’t matter. Politically, the United States is basically 49%-49% split between the two parties. Those outstanding two percent are the swing voters who determine the outcome of presidential elections.

Vice President Harris isn’t going to abandon President Biden. In fact, she is going to be rallying Democrats behind her president. It is what she did in the call with governors and it worked.

Look for her to keep doing it, because Kamala Harris is right. This election is about our “f-ing democracy.”

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