If Trump Gets Convicted, Michael Cohen Will End Being A Big Reason Why

Michael Cohen has drawn praise so far for being a calm, credible, and poised witness, but the powerful way that he closed his testimony did major damage to Trump.

Read the biggest developments from Michael Cohen’s testimony.


Harry Litman posted about the end of Cohen’s testimony:
“Do you have any regrets about your past work and association w/ Trump”
I do. I regret doing things for him I should not have. lying. bullying people. I don’t regret working w/ them — some interesting and great times. but to keep the loyalty and do the things he asked me to do. I violated my moral compass and I suffered the penalty as did my family.”


Up next for Cohen is cross examination by the defense, and then redirect by the prosecution. The Trump defense case is expected to be quick and maybe consist of two witnesses at most. There have been no plans for Trump to testify.
Cohen was a much better prosecution witness than anyone expected. With no cameras in the courtroom, we have to rely on the observations of those who are in the room, but reporters have been impressed. Given his past behavior, his lies, and record, it was expected that Michael Cohen might be a problem for the prosecution, but the DA’s office seems to have done an effective job backing up Cohen with witnesses and documentation.

If Cohen does well on cross-examination, and Trump ends up convicted, his former lawyer may end up being a big reason why.

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