Holiday Sweaters Should Be More Than a Punchline

At some point over the last few decades, holiday sweaters went from amusing to the lowliest gag in the biz. You know the ones: garish knits emblazoned with, like, blinking pine trees festooned with battery-powered LEDS or a knit stag with red Solo cups for antlers and the phrase “Deer Pong.” Far be it from us to Grinch your great time—if you’re still unabashedly committed to the bit, carry on. But in the GQ neck of the woods, the opportunity to flex a stunning knit is a terrible thing to waste. Especially given all of the actually stylish holiday sweaters on the market right now.

From trippy Fair Isle knits to fuzzy printed cardigans to gorp-infused crewnecks, the holiday sweaters we’ve gathered below pack a whole lot of warmth and cheer into a piece you’ll wear more than once. They’ll look fantastic in the months after the tree’s been tossed and the menorah’s been packed away, whether you wear them to the office under a snazzy topcoat or just while lounging around the house. (And it goes without saying that, since these holiday sweaters have a lifespan measured in months, they’re great if you’re in need of a last-minute gift.)

In between RSVPing to all those parties, enjoy these 19 chill, cozy, utterly cool holiday sweaters that truly understand the reason for the season: looking good.

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