Here's Why 'The Bear' Season 3 Featured So Many Incredible Watches

If you haven’t binged season three of The Bear yet, you should probably do that ASAP – especially if you’re into watches. There are multiple scenes across the last ten episodes where the camera is so close to the dials of some watches, you can’t help but check them out. And all that was done on purpose.

“The reason for the watches and the close-ups is because the entire show is based on time: every second counts,” says Laura Roeper, the Chicago-based prop master who has worked on the series since the beginning. “It’s all about the crunch that the chefs in the kitchen feel, especially with fine dining.”

If you watch The Bear frame-by-frame, you’ll notice the many clocks in and around Carmy’s space. Whether it’s in the kitchen or in a restaurant or even in someone’s home, you’ll find one or two (or three) secured firmly to the wall. But in the latest season, that’s changed a little.

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Marcus wearing the Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80

“In fine dining culture and in chef culture, watches are actually a huge thing,” says Roeper over Zoom. “They’re a status symbol. First of all, a lot of chefs have watches that kind of say, ‘I’ve arrived, I’ve done it, look what I’ve got.’ The second thing is time. They’re looking at it all-day, everyday. Literally every second counts, so their watch is also a tool.”

In most high-end fine dining establishments, you’re not going to have 15 kitchen timers going off when you have eight chefs preparing a dish. So, for a professional, their watch is not really an accessory—it’s something they wear to time things. It’s part of their functionality.”

But watches are also used to mark a particular character’s professional trajectory. The Bear‘s pastry chef Marcus Brooks (played by Lionel Boyce), wears a vintage G-Shock at the start of the series. But in later episodes, when he’s starting to take the whole thing more seriously, he upgrades to the Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80.

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