GameStop Pumps as Traders Decipher Cryptic Roaring Kitty Tweets

GameStop’s stock (GME) is up 130% in premarket trading, officially placing it among the 500 largest public companies in the U.S. the day after Roaring Kitty returned to Twitter.

This comes the day after Keith Gill, most well-known by his Reddit usernames, Roaring Kitting or DeepFuckingValue, returned to social media after three years of silence. He was a core contributor to the 2021 GameStop short squeeze, the story of which was retold in feature film, “Dumb Money,” with Paul Dano starring as the meme stock influencer. 

RoaringKitty’s first tweet after three years was an image of a man sitting up in his seat, holding a controller, concentrating more on the game he’s playing. This immediately sparked interest in the GameStop stock, doubling its price, and pausing trading times. But, Gill didn’t stop tweeting.

Over the next 12 hours, the Twitter account posted 12 videos of iconic movie scenes and monologues edited together by the cryptic tweeter himself. Presented without comment, Twitter users have attempted to decipher what this all means. 

None of the posted videos directly mention GameStop. Despite this, due to Gill’s well-established links to the GME stock, many assume it all relates back to the stock which he famously told Congress that he likes. In turn, GME continued to rise and is now up 130% in premarket trading. Alongside this, a slew of GameStop related meme coins launched on Solana and a GameStop tribute token surged 1,900%. 

As time has passed, some have started to find deeper, more hidden meanings within the videos. “The best minds of our generation are thinking about what roaring kitty means with those videos,” DeFi Llama dashboard builder, 0xngmi said on Twitter.

One of Roaring Kitty’s latest videos says “the dog days are over,” while showing cats on-screen. In response, popular crypto Twitter trader Ansem screamed, “WE NEED YOU TO TELL US WHICH CATCOINS TO BUY.”

For this reason, they believe that the meme influencer is saying that cat-themed meme coins are the future.

Maybe most notably, however, one video clearly features an Ethereum logo—presumably added by Gill himself. What does this mean? “Idk but I just bought moar,” one Twitter investor said

Some Pepe investors appear to believe one video hints at their token, due to an army’s skin turning green. This led to a price jump of 5.5% in a matter of minutes. 

While another tweeter thinks that the same clip is a shout out to a meme coin NFT project called NPC. The author of the tweet believes the character’s in the video are gray—a key feature of the NPC avatars. But, as many point out in the replies, the characters in the video are clearly green. While crypto Twitter continues to grasp at straws, Roaring Kitty hasn’t posted for 13 hours.

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