Form Us With Love transforms its studio into a future workplace prototype

For Stockholm Design Week, design studio Form Us With Love has invited architects and interior designers to test out an experimental pop-up workspace called Testing Grounds.

Instead of creating a static exhibition for the design week, the studio has transformed the front of its Stockholm office into a co-working space featuring new furniture designs.

Testing Grounds by Form Us With Love at Stockholm Design Week 2024
Testing Grounds will host architects and interior designers

Over the week, the space will be a live experiment. As different people come and work in the space, the aim is to provoke conversation about the future of the office.

“We’re going to use the space as a testing ground,” explained Form Us With Love co-founder and CEO, Jonas Pettersson, during an exclusive preview tour.

Testing Grounds by Form Us With Love at Stockholm Design Week 2024
The exhibition will be a live experiment during Stockholm Design Week

“Our intention is to meet the need of architects and interior designers so that they can create spaces that are relevant tomorrow,” he told Dezeen.

Pettersson and fellow co-founder John Löfgren believe a systems-led approach to design is essential to making workplaces adaptable to changing needs.

This means designing workplace furniture to be modular and customisable, so that it becomes more versatile.

Testing Grounds by Form Us With Love at Stockholm Design Week 2024
The aim is to explore how workplaces can be more adaptable for the future

“A beautiful chair may still become irrelevant in the future,” suggested Pettersson.

“Our work is about designing things that make you smile, but that can also be useful for a very long time. We don’t want things to be too utilitarian, so how do we design systems in a poetic way?”

Testing Grounds by Form Us With Love at Stockholm Design Week 2024
Users will test a series of new Form Us With Love products

Users are invited to test four new or recent Form Us With Love product ranges, all exploring a systems-led approach to workplace design.

The first is The Nomad Collection, a range of flexible power outlets for Swedish tech brand Forming Function.

Offering a more functional and attractive alternative to the extension cable, these units are designed to be seen rather than hidden. They also support other accessories, such as desk lights.

“In the future, we see this growing into a full range of accessories,” said Löfgren.

Testing Grounds by Form Us With Love at Stockholm Design Week 2024
Seating includes the Spine office chair system

Seating includes the Dezeen Awards-shortlisted Spine office chair system, a design for Scandinavian brand Savo that allows for endless reconfigurations.

This features alongside the Alt Collection, a range of chairs and tables that combine elements of both home and workspace furniture. This includes a chair system that takes cues from the traditional Windsor chair.

Hood by Form Us With Love
A new version of the Hood lamp system features a recycled wool and hemp textile

The fourth piece is an update of a modular lighting system that the designers first unveiled in 2013, called Hood.

The concept behind Hood was to create a sense of privacy and enclosure within shared, open workspaces. The new version follows the same design, but instead of felt, the panels are formed of recycled wool and hemp.

The Nomad Collection by Form Us With Love
The Nomad Collection is a range of flexible, portable power outlets

“We don’t know what the future is going to be, so we need to think rationally,” said Pettersson.

“How can you repair something, or update it to meet new sustainability goals? Maybe there will be materials that we don’t have today?”

Testing Grounds is on show from 5 to 8 February at the Form Us With Love studio. See Dezeen Events Guide’s Stockholm Design Week 2024 guide for information about exhibitions and events taking place throughout the week.

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