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Flu season is continuing to get worse in the US. Holiday gatherings could only make matters worse

Americans gathered last week for Thanksgiving amid a flu season worse than any in over a decade. Experts continue to warn of the dangers as numerous respiratory viruses are circulating at high levels across the country.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 33 states in the US are now experiencing high or very high levels of respiratory virus activity. Seasonal flu activity is still elevated across the country.

Nearly one in 10 deaths nationwide was caused by influenza, pneumonia, or Covid-19 during the week ended November 19. This is well above the seasonal average of 6%. The CDC estimates that this season has seen at least 6.2 million illnesses, 53,000 hospitalizations, and 2,900 deaths due to influenza.

Flu and RSV, another virus that affects children, hit this season harder than usual after the Covid-19 outbreak was disrupted two seasons ago and as the country redoubles its prevention efforts.

Flu continues to rise, but RSV has begun to slow down nationwide. However, test positivity rates remain higher than in years and cumulative hospitalizations are approximately 10 times higher than usual for this time of the season. RSV hospitalization rates this season are already close to the 2018-19 total.

Covid-19 is still causing death in thousands of people every week.

According to the latest surveillance data, Thanksgiving week and its effects on holiday gatherings are not captured. Last year, the number of deaths and cases due to Covid-19 reached an all-time high. This holiday season could see an increase in spread.

Experts expect the year to be more successful than last. However, they stress the importance of taking preventive measures during the days leading up to Thanksgiving to prevent any spread of respiratory diseases.

“We have noticed, in certain regions, that RSV numbers are starting to trend down. Flu cases are on the rise. We are worried that there may be an increase in Covid-19 cases after holidays gatherings, which could lead to more people getting together,” Dr. Rochelle Wilensky, CDC Director, said last week. It’s important to remember that you should get your vaccines to avoid this.

According to CDC data, only 12% of eligible Americans have received their Covid-19 booster. About 1 in 5 Americans are still not fully vaccinated. Millions are receiving fewer flu shots at this stage than they did in the previous two years.

RSV is not preventable. However, there is no vaccine, and children’s hospitals are fuller than ever despite better trends in virus spread.

For months, pediatric hospital beds have been fuller than normal. The federal government was asked by children’s health officials to declare an emergency. This is in response to the “alarming rise” of pediatric respiratory illnesses (RSV and influenza) and the ongoing mental health crisis for children.

Dr. Anthony Fauci warns of the possibility of an emergency as the holiday season and flu season are underway

It’s not good for children with RSV who need intensive care. It also takes up all the beds. Children with other illnesses, such as RSV, need ICU or intensive care and don’t have the right bed. Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said this on CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday. “So, if you reach that point, it’s almost an emergency.

However, Dr. Ashish Jaha, White House Covid-19 Response Coordinator, stated that he is optimistic that the US will be able to withstand the influx of respiratory viruses.

“In terms of hospital capacity, we have been in contact with every jurisdiction across the country. Jha stated last week that the federal government is available to assist if needed. “I’m confident that we can get through this, especially if people take action and protect their families with the flu and Covid vaccine.”

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