Finally, The New York Times Mentions That Trump Is Mentally Declining

Buried in a story about Biden contained one paragraph that noted Trump’s mental decline and lack of transparency on his medical records.

The New York Times buried this small but important paragraph in their story:

Mr. Trump, 78, has also shown signs of slipping over the years since he was first elected to the White House. He often confuses names and details and makes statements that are incoherent. He maintains a lighter public schedule than Mr. Biden, does not exercise and repeatedly appeared to fall asleep in the middle of his recent hush money trial. His campaign has released only a three-paragraph health summary. Voters have expressed concern about his age as well, but not to the same degree as Mr. Biden’s.

Trump maintains a lighter schedule than Biden, but yet, the current president is the one who the media is freaking out about. The nation is still waiting for Donald Trump to participate in an interview with one of the major networks beyond the taped interview he did with Kristen Welker on Meet The Press.

The media also seems to ignore that Trump holds many events that he calls press conferences where he doesn’t take any questions. Biden is scheduled to hold a press conference next week. 

The two oldest presidential nominees in history need to be treated equally. Voters deserve to see the media put Trump under the same age and cognitive ability scrutiny that Biden is currently facing.

The New York Times buried the paragraph, but at least they finally published the reality that Donald Trump is far from cognitively fine.


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