Dezeen Awards 2023 design longlist revealed

Dezeen has announced the 123 projects longlisted for this year’s Dezeen Awards in the design categories, including designs by Snøhetta, Bocci, Samsung and Formafantasma.

The 123 longlisted projects, which are in the running for awards in nine different design project categories, are by studios located across 22 different countries including Malaysia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Canada, Spain and Sweden.

The top three represented studio countries are the UK, with 34 longlisted entries, followed by the US with 16 and Norway with nine.

Amongst the longlisted designs this year is a bionic wearable designed to help with walking difficulties, a calculator that predicts how sea level rise will affect global cities and a portable kit to clean menstruation pads for refugees.

Other longlisted projects include a chunky stripped-back bathroom fitting and furniture collection, a touring festival to champion nightlife and youth counterculture and a geometric pendant design informed by modernist cathedral lighting.

All Dezeen Awards 2023 longlists revealed this week

Dezeen Awards 2023, in partnership with Bentley Motors, will reveal all longlisted projects this week. The architecture and interiors longlists were announced earlier this week, and the sustainability longlist will be revealed tomorrow.

Longlisted projects have been selected from over 4,800 entries from 94 countries for the sixth edition of our awards programme, which celebrates the world’s best architecture, interiors and design, as well as the studios and individuals producing the most outstanding work.

Second Sea by Accept & Proceed
Top image: R for Repair at the V&A by Nice Projects. Photo by Zuketa Film Production. Above: Second Sea by Accept & Proceed. Image courtesy of Accept & Proceed

The next stage of Dezeen Awards 2023 will see all longlisted projects assessed by our international jury of leading professionals,  including designers Erwan Bouroullec, Sophie Sellu, Sabine Marcelis and Yuri Suzuki.

The judges will determine the projects that feature on the shortlists, which will be announced in October. A further round of judging by our master jury will determine the winners, which will be announced in November.

The nine winners of the design project categories will then battle to be crowned overall design project of the year.

Read on for the full design longlist:

Peel Chair by Blond
Peel Chair by Blond. Image courtesy of Blond

Furniture design

› Peel Chair by Blond
› ReCoil by Brodie Neill
› Salvage Chair by Jay Sae Jung Oh
› The Exchange by Mentsen
› The Minus Chair by Jenkins & Uhnger for Minus Furniture
› Umu collection by Neri&Hu for Ariake
› Lightly by Formway for Noho
› Migo by Pascal Hien for Benchmark
› Sacha Chair by Philippe Malouin for Resident
› T4 Modular Sofa by Sara Hayat Design
› Solidwool Welsh Mountain Hembury Chair by Solidwool
› Cove by Tom Fereday
› Osa Outdoor Series by Henrik Tjaerby for Vaarnii
› Social by Snøhetta and Barkas for Varier Furniture
› Seyun Collection by Zaha Hadid Design for Karimoku

Browse all projects on the furniture design longlist page.

Piton Portable Lamp by Muuto
Piton Portable Lamp by Muuto. Image courtesy of Muuto

Lighting design

› Iris by A-N-D
› IXA by Foster+Partners for Artemide
› 118 by Bocci
› Soft Serve Lamp by Crème Atelier
› Knuckle lights by David Taylor for Hem
› Loop by John Tree for Tala
› Isle Collection by Lambert & Fils in collaboration with Zoë Mowat
› Symbioosa by Lasvit and LLEV
› Vesper by Lee Broom
› Elara by Nika Zupanc for Lodes
› Piton Portable Lamp by Tom Chung for Muuto
› Portable Lights by Tom Dixon
› Hover by YOY for Lodes
› Liiu by Vantot for Luceplan
› Konoha by Yabu Pushelberg for Marset

Browse all projects on the lighting design longlist page.

Delta by Void
Delta by Void. Photo by Einar Aslaksen

Architectural lighting design

› Nagnata Flagship by Ambience
› DIOR Femme – Place Vendome by Aranda\Lasch
› Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam by D/DOCK
› Novartis Pavillon – Zero-Energy Media Facade by Iart, AMDL Circle and Michele De Lucchi
› Espenes Rest Stop by Light Bureau in collaboration with Code Arkitektur, Norconsult and DIFK
› Moxy Downtown Los Angeles by Lightning Studio
› Ad Gefrin by Michael Grubb Studio
› F1 The Exhibition, Madrid by Michael Grubb Studio
› Hans Christian Andersen Museum by Studio ZNA with Kengo Kuma and Event
› India in Fashion, NMACC Mumbai by Studio ZNA
› Delta by Void
› Flyt by Void
› Fyr by Void

Browse all projects on the architectural lighting design longlist page.

AYA Collection by Foster + Partners for Benchmark
AYA Collection by Foster + Partners for Benchmark. Photo by Petr Krejci

Workplace design

› Lumber by ADDI for Mizetto
› AYA Collection by Foster + Partners, Made for Benchmark
› Spine by Form Us With Love and Savo for Savo
› Denn Chair by Formway Design for Zenith
› S1 swivel chair by ID AID
› Balance Lounge by Jonathan Prestwich for Modus
› OmniRoom by Mute
› Off Chair by Simon Legald and Normann Copenhagen
› Profim Revo by Pearson Lloyd for Profim
› Pelican by Studio Nooi for Mizetto
› Path by Todd Bracher and Humanscale Design Studio

Browse all projects on the workplace design longlist page.

Polestar 3 by Polestar. Image courtesy of Polestar
Polestar 3 by Polestar. Image courtesy of Polestar

Product design (consumer design and wearables)

› Bottlecup by 752 LIFE
› bo M by bo
› 32°N Sunglasses by Deep Optics
› Yoda Bike by Futurewave
› O-Boy / Lifeline by Futurewave
› Nemo by Lorenzo Palmeri Studio
› Shell Backpack by Lúcid Design Agency
› Snap Float Folio by MOFT
› Polestar 3 by Polestar
› Pure Advance Flex by Pure Electric
› Galaxy Z Flip4 by Samsung
› Sumidas by Satereo
› LEMMO One E + Bike by Springtime Design
› Vello Sub Titatnium by Valentin Vodev
› XGIMI RS Pro 3 by XGIMI Technology

Browse all projects on the product design (consumer design and wearables) longlist page.

Releaf Freedom by Tone Product Design. Image courtesy of Tone Product Design
Releaf Freedom by Tone Product Design. Image courtesy of Tone Product Design

Product design (health and wellbeing)

› Balance Dumbbell by Frank Chou Design Studio
› ElliQ by fuseproject and Intuition Robotics
› Cionic Neural Sleeve by Fuseproject and CIONIC
› Gus by Good Growing
› Accessories by Landor & Fitch
› Looop Can by Looop Can, Waveee Design Studio and H2CSO 3D Print
› Dot Pad by Serviceplan Group
› Lentala Kids by Studio Lentala
› Releaf Freedom by Tone Product Design
› Wondaleaf Hammock Wheelchair by Twin Catalyst

Browse all projects on the product design (health and wellbeing) longlist page.

Nu by Studio Inma Bermudez for Roca
Nu by Studio Inma Bermudez for Roca. Photo by Klunderbie

Product design (bathroom and kitchen)

› Ice of Genesis by Arik Levy Art and Design Studio
› Buster + Punch Kitchen by Buster + Punch
› Danver Cosmopolitan Kitchen by Daniel Germani Designs for Danver
› FFQT Outdoor Shower by Formafantasma for Quadro
› Facet bathroom basins by Formed
› NU-N037 by Gabellini Sheppard for Nero Cucine
› Calma by Jorge Herrera Studio
› Tayēr Double Bar Station by Monica Berg, Alex Kratena and Behind Bars Agency
› Ilo+Milo 2.0 by Ntaiana Charalampous and Dedàleo
› SpeedwaveXL by Smeg
› Nu by Studio Inma Bermúdez for Roca
› Liquid by Tom Dixon for VitrA

Browse all projects on the product design (bathroom and kitchen) longlist page.

Eames Institute of Design by Design Infinite Curiosity
Eames Institute of Design by Design Infinite Curiosity. Image courtesy of Design Infinite Curiosity

Graphic design

› Second Sea by Accept & Proceed for Royal College of Art
› Waku Waku by Biasol Studio
› Make it Circular Challenge by What Design Can Do by de Designpolitie
› Brand and Product design by EY Doberman and Momoe Narazaki for Fikse
› Herzog and de Meuron by Fertig Design
› CucinaAlchimia by FRD Design
› Working Room by Kultura Studio
› Eames Institute of Infinite Curiosity by Manual
› Stereoscope Coffee Roaster by OlssønBarbieri
› Aizome Wastecare by Serviceplan Group
› Bolhão Market by Studio Eduardo Aires
› Black Star Pastry by Studio Ongarato
› Noort Bengali by TypeTogether
› Ami Ami by Wedge
› A-Frame Club by Wunder Werkz
› Sun Valley by Wunder Werkz

Browse all projects on the graphic design longlist page.

Inverted Architecture: A Mushroom Brick Pyramid by Studio Link-Arc
Inverted Architecture: A Mushroom Brick Pyramid by Studio Link-Arc. Photo by Yu Bai

Installation design

› Falling Hours by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design
› Otrivin Airlab by ecoLogicStudio
› Tea House Pavilion by Grau Architects
› Tree says by Hakuten
› Brugge Diptych by Jon Lott / Para Project
› Pavilion Nomad by Marc Fornes
› Ball Theater, French Pavilion, Venice Biennale by Muoto
› Tour de Moon by Nelly Ben Hayoun Studios
› R for Repair at the V&A by Nice Projects
› Placeholders by Aude-Line Duliere and Juliet Haysom
› Lights On by Objects of Common Interest
› Living Together by PILLS
› Stine Goya SS23 by Spacon & X and S&X productions
› Inverted Architecture: A Mushroom Brick Pyramid by Studio Link-Arc
› The 1975 ‘At Their Very Best’ by Tobias Rylander
› Monument Against Plastic Pollution by VATRAA

Browse all projects on the installation design longlist page.

Dezeen Awards 2023

Dezeen Awards celebrates the world’s best architecture, interiors and design. Now in its sixth year, it has become the ultimate accolade for architects and designers across the globe. The annual awards are in partnership with Bentley Motors, as part of a wider collaboration that will see the brand work with Dezeen to support and inspire the next generation of design talent.

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