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Clarence Thomas Triggers SCOTUS Crisis By Not Recusing In Trump Ballot Case

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY) said that Justice Clarence Thomas’s failure to recuse himself in the Trump ballot disqualification case added to the Supreme Court crisis.

Rep. Goldman tweeted, “Having recused from a prior case related to Jan 6 due to his wife’s involvement, Justice Thomas’s participation in Trump’s ballot case is a shocking and intentional violation of his ethical obligations. Clarence Thomas is not above the law. This is a true crisis at the Court.”

Rep. Goldman was reacting to the fact that Justice Thomas’s wife, Ginni Thomas, was involved in the Trump coup plot and has admitted to discussing it with her husband. Yet the conflicted Justice Thomas is on the bench today hearing a case to determine whether or not Trump’s actions to overturn the election and the 1/6 attack have disqualified him from the ballot.

Thomas should not be hearing this case, and he was bending over backward to accept Trump’s argument, as you can hear in the audio below:

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Clarence Thomas is corrupt, and if he had been interested in being a serious jurist instead of a partisan political activist on the bench of the highest court in the land, he would have recused himself. Justice Thomas is on the bench today to keep Donald Trump on the ballot.

Thomas is the epicenter of the Supreme Court’s ethical crisis, and until he is gone, the American people are correct to distrust the conservative Supreme Court majority.

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