Brivaplast unveils Le Sport a make-up collection designed for long-lasting

Unveiled at Makeup in Paris in May, Brivaplast’s Le Sport collection is a joyful celebration of sport.

The products in the collection have been designed to be worn throughout the day, even while doing sports thanks to their long-lasting performance.

The collection includes eight formulations: an Emollient Face Serum, Moisturizing Lip Balm, Brow Locker, Effortless Liner, Endurance Mascara, WP Top Coat, Healthy Blush and a Smart Perfector.

The Emollient Face Serum uses Brivaplast’s APP611C Plushy, a multifunctional applicator, with a large body and a soft rounded edge at the tip. “The soft and velvety fleece cover creates a pleasant sensation during application,” explains the Italian manufacturer. It offers two large application surfaces and one single pick-up of the formula is enough to obtain a generous release of the product when switching the side.

The Endurance Mascara uses Brivaplast’s APP586 Lash-Up, an ergonomically tuned mascara brush with soft plastic bristles, organized around the inner body forming a curved shape, thus allowing the brush to follow the natural shape of the eye and lash curvature while positioning the product optimally from the lash line.

The Brow Locker uses Brivaplast’s mini eyebrow brush APP304. Thanks to its conical shape, the application can be very accurate; it perfectly combs the hairs and defines the brow arch for a natural and tidy make-up effect.

Regarding the decoration, Brivaplast used a digital transfer technology adapted to the PCR recycled material packages. The coloured decoration represents speed and movement with abstract lines and gradients.

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