Break the Elephant Rope

Sometimes – perhaps most of the time – what keeps us from success … is us. It’s not other people and circumstances that keep us from a better career or a better marriage. It’s us. We hold ourselves back. We’re bound by mental and emotional barriers, like imaginary ropes around our ankles that convince us we can only stray so far in a new direction.

Negative thoughts are powerful enough to hold back an elephant. Literally. Elephants are one of the most powerful animals on earth. And yet, trainers are able to keep them under control with nothing more than a rope around their ankle. When elephants are young, they aren’t strong enough to break free. Even as the elephant grows older – and stronger – it continues to believe that it’s helpless against the rope. By the time the elephant is full grown, it is physically capable of breaking free, but it is held back mentally.

It’s the same for us. Our perception of people and situations is often a rope that binds us. Instead of seeing possibilities, we see limitations. Instead of achieving something better for ourselves, we hold back. The way to break through a negative barrier is to recognize that your past may influence you, but it doesn’t have to define you. You improve your future not by holding on to the past but by freeing yourself from it.

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