Biden Releases New Video Of Vets Calls Trump An Unfit Draft Dodger On D-Day Anniversary

As the world marks the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the Biden campaign has released a new video calling Trump an unfit draft dodger.

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Watch the Biden video:

The vets said in the video:

MARINE CORPS VETERAN CURTIS REGISTER: A good commander in chief is somebody who gives a shit. My name is Curtis Register. I served in the United States Marine Corps.

ARMY VETERAN ED McCABE: My name is Ed McCabe. I served from the 1990s into 2014.

NAVY VETERAN MATTHEW McLAUGHLIN: My name is Matthew McLaughlin. I was a Navy pilot for eight years.

MARINE CORPS VETERAN CURTIS REGISTER: It is the first time I’m shaking the hands of a president of the United States. It was pretty impactful to me to see an individual that supports troops not just on the battlefield, but when we return home.

NAVY VETERAN MATTHEW McLAUGHLIN: I see a man in Joe Biden who accepts accountability and responsibility, and when I see his predecessor, Donald Trump, I see a man who is only in this for himself—

ARMY VETERAN ED McCABE: —who criticizes veterans, who doesn’t see it important for him to go to the funerals.

NAVY VETERAN MATTHEW McLAUGHLIN: Donald Trump has zero accountability in his life.

ARMY VETERAN ED McCABE: He’s a draft dodger. Simple as that.

MARINE CORPS VETERAN CURTIS REGISTER: I think the election is the difference between authoritarianism and democracy. And I came to see a president that cares about maintaining democracy.

ARMY VETERAN ED McCABE: Donald Trump, he’s not fit to be commander in chief. He’s not fit to lead a squad. And he’s definitely not fit to be president of the United States.

Trump and his party are trying to pretend like both candidates are equal in this election, but they are not. Biden has shown through his words and actions his care and concern for the troops and our democracy. Donald Trump thinks that those who serve are suckers and losers and can’t seem to fathom why anyone would place the good of the nation ahead of themselves.

Videos like the one featuring the vets are examples of the Biden campaign doing the groundwork to reach out to key groups of voters. Donald Trump isn’t doing this sort of work. In fact, he is barely campaigning. Trump will be appearing at a town hall in Arizona on Thursday, and he will hold a rally in Nevada on Sunday.

The rally on Sunday will be his first campaign event in weeks.

Those who served the country are reminding voters of who Trump is and what he really stands for, the American people would be wise to listen.

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