Bernie Sanders Blasts The New York Times For Catering To Billionaires

Sen. Bernie Sanders called out The New York Times for catering to the thoughts and feelings of billionaires while ignoring the American people.


Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

ROBERT COSTA: You just heard that Senator Sanders. How would you feel if former President Trump wins in November?

SEN. SANDERS: Well, I would feel awful as somebody who has opposed virtually all of Trump’s policies. And I would feel awful if the American people lost the democracy, which we’ve had for 250 years. And I would feel awful if we turned our back on the existential threat of climate change. But this is not about how I feel, it’s not about how you feel, it is not even about how Joe Biden feels. It’s about how we win this election. And maybe what we should be doing is creating a Democratic Party with Biden at the top that stands with the working class of this country. I will tell you this, whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent: the American people are disillusioned, they are angry, they think that government is busy paying attention to the rich and wealthy campaign donors. And by the way, I find it personally insulting that The New York Times and all these media organizations go out front page “This is what the billionaire campaign donors feel.” Well, to hell with the billionaire campaign donors. Let’s worry about the working class of this country and what their needs are.

Sen. Sanders was correct. Where does the NYT get the fodder for all of their Biden crisis stories? The info comes from either Capitol Hill Democrats, members of the DNC, or billionaire donors. Why is The New York Times placing the agenda of billionaires over that of working people?

The New York Times is no longer the paper of record. It is the paper of record for documenting the feelings of billionaires and the elites.

The reason why the NYT hates Joe Biden is that he stands with working people and is trying to make their lives better.

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