5 Amazing Trader Joe's Products You Have to Try in September 2023

There’s a reason so many people say Trader Joe’s is their favorite supermarket to shop at. Not only are the prices competitive, but the people who work there take the concept of “service with a smile” to the next level.

But perhaps the greatest perk of shopping at Trader Joe’s is the fun of seeing new items hit the shelves. Of course, if money is tight and you can only afford to stick to your usual grocery list, then Trader Joe’s may not be the optimal store to shop at. But if you have a little leeway in your budget, then it pays to pop in once a month and check out what’s on the shelves. Here are some tempting items you’re likely to spot in September.

1. Butternut Squash Italian Lasagna

Fall is pretty much synonymous with pumpkin season, and butternut squash is quite comparable to pumpkin in terms of taste and preparation. So it’s not surprising to see that Trader Joe’s has delivered on pumpkin season in the form of Butternut Squash Italian Lasagna. This entree features a smoky béchamel sauce, cheese, pumpkin seeds, and chives. It’s a rich, comforting dish that will make you embrace the cooler weather. A 16-ounce box will cost you just $4.49.

2. Apple Cinnamon Buns

At this point, pumpkin spice has pretty much taken over eateries and grocery stores. But remember, September is, in some parts of the country, prime apple-picking season. And apples are worth celebrating, because they’re nutritious, delicious, and come in so many varieties it’s hard to keep track. Trader Joe’s is selling an 8.46-ounce box of Apple Cinnamon Buns for $4.49. You’ll get a sweet, crumb-topped pastry that’s loaded with cinnamon. Eat your buns at room temperature or warm them for some extra early morning coziness — the choice is yours.

3. Mini Maple Flavored Marshmallows

It may be getting too cold to stay out at night roasting marshmallows in your backyard. But you can swap your s’mores for Mini Maple Flavored Marshmallows. These fall-inspired sweets are ooey and gooey like marshmallows should be, and their maple flavor gives them an added bit of oomph. Treat them as a weekday snack or store them away in your pantry to use later for your famous Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole. A 6-ounce package costs just $2.99.

4. Gluten Free Pumpkin Ravioli

It wouldn’t be September without Trader Joe’s introducing an official pumpkin lineup. If you don’t want to run up a massive credit card tab, you may need to limit yourself to just a few pumpkin items this season. But one solid pick is Gluten Free Pumpkin Ravioli. Even if you don’t have issues with gluten, this yummy entree features pasta filled with pumpkin and assorted cheeses. Pile on some brown sugar and fall spices like nutmeg and clove, and you’ve got yourself a hearty, comforting meal. You can buy an 8-ounce package for $4.49.

5. Crunchy Chili Onion Hummus

Crunchy Chili Onion Hummus may not be fall-themed per se, but it’s a nice spin on the classic chickpea spread. Cut up some veggies and pair them with this hummus for a weeknight snack, or serve up that mix when you host friends for weekend football games. A 10-ounce container of Crunchy Chili Onion Hummus costs $3.99. But you may want to pick up a few containers — it’s that good.

Shopping at Trader Joe’s can be really fun for people who love to try new foods. But do be judicious with the items you buy. It can be tempting to load up your cart with new products, but you don’t want to bring home such a large haul that you risk throwing some of it away. That’s a great way to waste your money when a big benefit of shopping at Trader Joe’s is getting to save money via the store’s low prices.

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