4 Ways to Get an Even Better Deal on IKEA Furniture

IKEA is a popular furniture and home accessories retailer. Many people shop there because of the affordable prices. But if you’re a strategic shopper, you can get an even better deal when buying your next IKEA sofa, dining room table, or bookshelf so you can keep more money in the bank. Here are a few tips to help you score the best prices when shopping at IKEA.

1. Join the IKEA Family program to access exclusive deals

Like many other retailers, IKEA has a loyalty program that customers can join for free. Many benefits are available to members, including delivery discounts, free workshops and events, and 90-day price protection on eligible purchases. IKEA Family members can also access exclusive deals. Shopping members-only offers can allow you to save more money.

2. Get a discount when you bring back your old furniture

You can get rewarded for bringing your old furniture back to IKEA. Through its Buy Back & Resell program, customers can earn store credit by returning their assembled used furniture to the store. A team member will assess the value of your furniture and tell you how much credit you’ll get. If an item qualifies and you sell it back to IKEA, the retailer will sell your furniture as-is.

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The Buy Back & Resell program is available at participating IKEA stores. You must be an IKEA Family member to use this service. Some items, like mattresses and sofas, are ineligible for buyback. IKEA doesn’t accept furniture with missing parts or modified furniture. This unique program could help you save money on your next IKEA furniture upgrade.

3. Get a deal when buying as-is furniture

Remember the as-is furniture we mentioned above? You can buy it. IKEA has an as-is section at participating stores. The retailer also has an online as-is store. You can browse available as-is items and pick them up at your local store.

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IKEA sells furniture used for display purposes and Buy Back & Resell items to shoppers at a discount. If you have a larger vehicle and can pick up what you buy, this could be an excellent way to get IKEA furniture for a more affordable price.

4. Get a coupon when you move

If you recently moved, you can get a coupon for $25 off an eligible in-store purchase of $250 or more. This discount is available to shoppers who enroll in the IKEA New Mover program. If you want to furnish your new place with items from IKEA but are on a tight budget, this discount could help you save money on this significant moving expense.

Be prepared before you shop at IKEA

The above tips can help you get the IKEA items you love at a discount. But there are other shopping strategies you can follow to feel less of an impact on your wallet when buying furniture and home accessories at IKEA.

One tip is to save up before your next IKEA shopping trip so the expense feels more manageable. You can stash extra cash in a high-yield savings account to earn interest while it sits in the bank. Once you have enough money saved to cover your purchase, you can get what you need without racking up credit card debt.

Another way to prepare is to plan your shopping trip before you arrive at your local store. You can research prices on the IKEA website and make a list before you enter the door. Doing this can help you avoid overspending on unnecessary purchases and help you stay on budget.

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