3 Reasons to Shop at Costco This November

Some people with a Costco membership make a point to shop there regularly. But if you’re someone who only uses your membership on occasion, then it’s conceivable that you might go months without setting foot inside your local warehouse club store.

November, however, is a month when you should seriously consider paying Costco a visit. Here’s why.

1. You can stock up on Thanksgiving essentials for less

If you’re expecting a large crowd this Thanksgiving, you may have to seriously dip into your savings account to cover the cost of that meal. Costco could come to your rescue with its low prices on a host of Thanksgiving essentials.

For one thing, you can buy low-cost produce at Thanksgiving. Whether you’re planning to make roasted Brussels sprouts, a broccoli souffle, or a spinach salad, buying your produce in bulk could help you keep your credit card tab to a minimum.

And then there’s dessert. Costco carries a host of items that are available at such a low price point that you probably can’t even bake them at home for less.

A Costco pumpkin pie, for example, generally retails for $5.99 for almost four pounds of deliciousness. You can also buy low-cost cookies and cakes from Costco’s bakery.

2. You can enjoy your share of Black Friday deals

If there’s one day you may want to visit Costco in November, it’s Black Friday (assuming you’re willing to deal with the crowds). Black Friday is when retailers commonly slash prices on a host of popular items, and Costco is no exception.

In fact, you may want to visit Costco before Black Friday because the warehouse club giant already has a host of in-store deals you can snag. Right now, for example, you can get $50 off a Cuisinart 13-cup food processor, $250 off an HP Pavilion 15.6-inch touchscreen laptop, and $50 off an LG 27-inch gaming monitor. And these are just a few of many examples. So if you don’t want to leave your holiday gift shopping to the last minute, get to Costco sooner rather than later.

3. You can enjoy general savings on food and household essentials at a time when your bills are higher

Many people find themselves spending more money than usual in November because they’re doing their holiday shopping. The upside of shopping at Costco this month is that outside of seasonal deals, you can enjoy the same general savings you get year-round on items like groceries and household essentials.

Imagine that instead of spending $150 for a week’s worth of groceries at your local supermarket, you can get everything you need for $130 at Costco and have plenty left over due to buying in bulk. Saving $20 could come in handy at a time when your bills are just plain higher.

Costco is a great store to visit at any time of the year. But if you’re not someone who shops there often, you may want to consider prioritizing a stop during November.

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