23 Black Friday Tech Deals That Are Already Trickling In 2023

Nothing induces the gimmes like seeing some Black Friday tech deals popping up early, looking around your house and noticing all the gadgets that are aching for an upgrade: your entertainment system, perhaps, or simply your crusty electric toothbrush. Well, right now damn near every big-box retailer across the web is doing its part to slash prices on fresh iPads, ear buds, TVs, and beyond. Electronics tend to dominate Black Friday savings, so it’s really the wildest time of the year to dive into all the discounts. So far, we’re only scratching the surface of Black Friday tech deals, and we’re certain that a bounty of other savings will drop closer to Turkey Day. But we’ve seen a few that feel like genuine steals, particularly on a lot of “last year’s models” that make for compelling choices at steep discounts.

Want a new pair of headphones? Lotta those are on sale. Ready to test the waters on a smart thermostat, or get an absolute absurd deal on Apple’s cheapest smartwatch? C’mon down. If you’re feeling generous and want to get started on your holiday homework, there are a few tech gadgets that make for good gifting, like low-key Fitbits and gaming goodies.

And come back periodically as we keep dropping in fresh, pre Black Friday tech deals in advance of the actual Super Bowl of Shopping next month. Now, onto the steals.

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